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2013 John Harrison

Each year, the D-H Auxiliary Board presents an award to an outstanding volunteer. This award for excellence in volunteering is given in honor of Edith Amsden. Edith was a dedicated and devoted volunteer at Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital for nearly 50 years. While this award recognizes a commitment of time, it is primarily in recognition of the extraordinary desire and ability to improve the quality of life for those at DHMC. Volunteers are nominated for this award who set a high standard of volunteerism with their loyalty and dedication, and are inspirations for other volunteers to follow.

This year's Edith Amsden Award goes to: John Harrison. Besides consistently contributing to the Emergency Department from 16 to 22 hours per week, John is at the core of what volunteers provide in the emergency department.

John is a visionary volunteer and leader who contributes positive suggestions to make the experience better for volunteers and patients and families alike. He has given many hours to the D-H Auxiliary as the E.D. representative, as its President, and as a member of the D-H Board of Trustees. During his tenure in the department, John has regularly attended staff and emergency department committee meetings, offering thoughts and positive suggestions.

John Markowitz coordinates the volunteers in the Emergency Dept. describes John this way:

"In all my years of heading up the emergency department volunteers (since 2001), John is by far the finest volunteer to grace our corridors. John is extremely kind to patients and their families. John Harrison is a gentleman extraordinaire, who remarkably performs his role of emergency department volunteer as a true ambassador of goodness and hope. I cannot think of a more worthwhile or deserving candidate in all of this hospital to receive recognition through this award. John is a very special person … we need to be reminded of his humility and kind work, it will make us all better people for sure!"