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The following frequently asked questions are provided for:

  • Internal transfers: If you are a current employee of Dartmouth-Hitchcock.
  • External applicants: If you are not a current employee of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, or if you are a temporary worker or traveler.

Internal transfers

If you are a current employee of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, this information may be useful to you. If you are not a current employee of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, or are a temporary worker or traveler, please see the External applicants section below.

How do I apply for a transfer?

Internal applicants can apply online. Be sure to apply as a current employee. View available positions and complete an online application and on our Search Job Listings page.

If I am working at Dartmouth-Hitchcock as a temporary (through agency) or traveler, do I apply as an internal transfer or an external applicant?

Since you are not an employee of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, you must apply as an external applicant. Please see the External applicants section below for additional information.

Do I complete the entire application and submit a new resume, or do you keep that information on file from my previous application?

You should complete the application and attach your updated resume to include your most current position here. Your original application is part of your paper employment file that is kept in the Compensation/Systems department. All of our referrals are done electronically, and we want to be able to supply the hiring manager with your most current information.

How long do I have to be in my position before I can apply for a transfer?

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock transfer policy states that you must be in your position for at least one year. There are exceptions to this policy if your current supervisor is supportive of your request to transfer and provides Recruitment with a written statement supporting your application for transfer.

Will my current supervisor be contacted?

If you are successful in the interview stage, the hiring supervisor is responsible for contacting your supervisor pursuant to the Transfer Procedure. We encourage you to share your candidacy for a position with your current supervisor prior to the supervisor contacting you.

How much notice must I give my current department?

The transfer policy states that employees should generally provide at least two weeks notice for hourly employees, and at least four weeks notice for RN’s and salaried employees. Employees, as well as the hiring supervisor and current supervisor are requested to cooperate in establishing a transition that minimizes interruption to on-going operations in your current department. Transfers must take place at the beginning of a pay period, and this means that if notice is given during the first week of a pay period, the effective date of the transfer will generally be at least three weeks later.

Do I need to attend general orientation again?

No. Internal transfers are not required to attend general orientation.

Will I still be eligible for a full merit increase this year?

Yes. Your increase will be determined by your new department based on your performance in your new role. If increases fall very close to your transfer date, your previous department may be consulted.

Will my benefits change?

No. In most cases, you will remain with your current paymaster with the same benefits. There are a few exceptions depending on the department; however, benefits are the same for both hospital and clinic.

External applicants

If you are not a current employee of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, or if you are a temporary worker or traveler, this information may be useful to you. If you are a current employee of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, please see the Internal transfers section above.

How do I apply?

You can view available positions and apply online on our Search Job Listings page.

How do I know if my online application has been received?

You will receive an auto-response confirming receipt.

Should I email, fax or mail my resume if I have already applied online?

No. The online application is all we need.

Can I apply for more than one position at a time?

Yes, as long as you meet the minimum qualifications. The first position you list will be given priority, but you may apply for more than one job.

I do not see a position I am interested in. Can I apply without selecting a specific position?

No. At this time, you must select a position.

How often are the jobs updated online?

Job postings are updated daily.

How often are applications reviewed?

The Recruitment team reviews applications daily. After submitting your application, please check your status online for updates. See "Can I check my application status online?" below for instructions.

When will someone contact me regarding my application status?

Recruitment is unable to advise every applicant about the status of his or her application. Only those applicants whose skills best meet our current needs and the requirements of the position will be contacted.

Can I check my application status online?

Yes. You can check the status of your application anytime by viewing the My Submissions tab in your candidate profile.

  • Logging in to your Candidate Profile at the Job Search page.
  • Selecting the "My Submissions" tab.
  • All of your submissions will be listed with the current status.

How do I know if a job has been filled?

All filled positions are removed daily.

What happens to my application once a position I’ve applied for is filled?

Applications are kept on file indefinitely. If your skills match another position, please reapply.

Do you have internships or volunteer positions?

Yes. To arrange for unpaid internships, you must contact the department you are interested in directly. Internships are not coordinated by the Recruitment office. To volunteer at DHMC in Lebanon, call Volunteer Services at (603) 650-7056.

If my personal information changes, should I submit a new application?

No. As long as your phone number is still accurate, it is not necessary to contact us. However, if your phone number has changed, please contact Recruitment at (603) 653-0400.

Can I edit a current application?

No. Once you have submitted your application, you cannot modify it. You can edit your application when you apply for a new position.

How do I know if I am qualified for a particular job?

The minimum requirements for each position are indicated in the job listing.

How long does the hiring process take? Who makes the final decision?

The hire process may vary. Once your application is screened by Recruitment, it is forwarded to the hiring manager. Each department has their own process that may include multiple interviews. The hiring department makes the final decision. They then notify the Recruitment office, and we will proceed with the formal offer.

How can I get help with my online application?

Call (603) 653-0400.

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