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Pediatric & Adolescent

I have worked in a number of different capacities within CHaD, although have spent the majority of my career working on the Pedi/ Adolescent unit. There is always opportunity for educational growth and working with children in and of itself is constantly rewarding."

Tim Crawford, RN, 15 years at CHaD


Since our inception, we have continued to provide exceptional family-centered care to patients needing an array of medical and surgical services including neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, oncology, and cardiology.


We have successfully created a healing environment for families, patients and staff. Our 23-bed unit is made up of mostly private rooms, all with views of our beautiful New England landscape. Pediatrics has active Child Life and Diversional Therapy programs, where the latest technologies are used for play activities and to prepare children for procedures. Our highly successful PainFree Clinic is a good example of one such program.

Unit culture

Known for our commitment to service excellence, we are a multidisciplinary team and enjoy close-knit, collaborative relationships with all healthcare staff. From physicians to rehabilitation therapists, we work together to meet the needs of our patients. Nurses enjoy 24-hour nursing assistant support and excellent nurse-to- patient ratios.

Through shared governance, staff members have opportunities to participate in committees and councils that really make a difference. Within our unit we have four such councils: Operations, Clinical Practice, Education/ Professional Practice and the Family Council. Our cooperative scheduling arrangement is a great example of shared governance in action – where nurses enjoy the flexibility of individualized scheduling and the responsibility of ensuring that staffing needs are met.

Educational opportunities

In our fast-paced and dynamic environment, we offer endless opportunities for continued learning and professional development. Beyond bedside learning, we hold annual skills days, grand rounds, and frequent in-services; we also provide conference expense reimbursement and support formal education. Our monthly breakfast sessions provide an open forum for feedback and discussion between nurses and our attending medical directors. Issues raised during these forums are forwarded to our shared governance councils for further action. Our residency program encourages shared learning between staff. We have a large core of experienced staff, who actively mentor new graduates and nursing students, along with a dedicated Clinical Nurse Specialist who oversees nursing orientation. Our orientation program, which runs for eight weeks, is competency-based and includes a personal preceptor.

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