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COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your willingness to support our patients, staff, and their families in this uncertain time. We are grateful to our communities for reaching out to offer support.

COVID-19 volunteer opportunities at DHMC in Lebanon

Our needs vary, and we may ask our community for support in the coming weeks, including assistance with vaccination clinics. If you are a current or retired medical professional (MD, RN, LNA, EMT, Pharmacist or other), please complete the COVID-19 Volunteer Application form. We will reach out if there is a role you can play.

We currently have limited volunteer programs operating at DHMC. If you want to volunteer to assist with COVID-related efforts and are not a medical professional, please go to the Become a Volunteer page to complete our standard volunteer application. Let us know you are specifically interested in COVID-related volunteer opportunities.

Ways to help through our community

The state of New Hampshire and Vermont offer COVID-19 volunteer opportunities in our communities.

Learn more about New Hampshire and Vermont COVID-19 volunteer opportunities