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Patient and Family Voices Volunteers

Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) Patient and Family Voices Volunteers (PFVs) meet with patients, and their families, throughout the hospital and clinics. They gather information about successes and opportunities for improvement from the stories people share during a confidential interview in person or by phone.

Patient and Family Voices Volunteers:

  • Talk with patients and families about their care experience.
  • Collect information to be used to further improve the quality and safety of patient care.
  • Recognize and celebrate staff based on feedback.
  • Engage and partner with our staff to identify areas where we can serve our patients and their families better.
  • Gather real-time feedback to be shared with leaders.

Patients and Families: We Want to Hear Your Story

Together, we can create an exceptional experience with the help of our patients and their loved ones.

Patients who are currently hospitalized and would like to meet with one of our Voices Volunteers, can speak to their nurse or, contact the Office of Patient- and Family-Centered Care at their convenience at (603) 650-7800.

How to Become a PFV

If you are interested in becoming a Patient and Family Voices Volunteer at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, please contact our Office of Patient- and Family-Centered Care by phone at (603) 650-7800 or email