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Cassie Audette

Cassie Audette

Name: Cassie Audette
Residence: Littleton, New Hampshire
Employer: Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Current Role: Pharmacy Technician Apprentice, Inpatient Pharmacy

Career Pathway

Cassie is driven by the desire to provide the best for her family – as a mother, a wife and as a financial contributor. She grew up in a small town where opportunities were few and far between and a meaningful career did not seem within her reach. The Pharmacy Technician Apprenticeship program opened the door for her to succeed in providing for her family, acquire new skills and become part of another family at work where her instinct to care for and provide is fulfilled every day.

The apprenticeship program gave Cassie the knowledge foundations to enter into a completely new career field, and she appreciates that she gets to apply this knowledge everyday on-the-job. The Inpatient Pharmacy is a critical department in the hospital, and Cassie loves knowing that she is helping care for patients, and that her work is vital to the flow in the pharmacy.

Looking ahead Cassie aspires to be a mentor for other pharmacy technician apprentices. She wants to be a resource for them, a person to turn to and be actively involved in their training. For Cassie, moving into the mentor role at work will be an extension of the mentor role she has at home, which has also been impacted by this experience in an unanticipated way. Her five-year-old daughter, having watched her mom work really hard through the 9 week intensive training program, successfully pass the Pharmacist Technician certification exam, and launch a new career, now says she would like to be a pharmacist when she grows up!