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Charina Canete

Charina Canete

Name: Charina Canete
Residence: Lebanon, NH
Employer: Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Current Role: Medical Assistant Apprentice

Career Pathway

In 2013, Charina immigrated to the United States from the Philippines where she had studied to be a nurse. When she arrived in the U.S., Charina found it difficult to pursue her career in health care so instead found work in manufacturing and retail.  When Charina received a pamphlet from the New Hampshire Employment Services advertising a new training program for medical assistants, she was excited about an opportunity to get back to the health field that she loves.

For ten weeks Charina studied at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Workforce Readiness Institute to become a medical assistant. The educational program was intense, especially since English is her second language. With a supportive family system and the encouragement of her instructors, Charina persevered and successfully passed the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant exam. Charina is now working as a medical assistant apprentice in the General Internal Medicine department at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Once on the job, Charina felt supported and encouraged by her supervisors, nurse manager and physicians. She found that everyone was very willing to teach and answer questions.  Every month she met with her supervisor and reviewed the apprenticeship training plan. Regular feedback helped to build confidence and keep her focused on what she still needed to learn.  Now as she reaches the end of her apprenticeship program she feels confident that she has the knowledge and skills required to do what matters most to her - providing the best possible care for patients.

The apprenticeship program provided a bridge for Charina to continue her career in healthcare. This is just the first step for Charina as she plans to further her education and complete her associate's degree in nursing (RN).  Charina dreamed of a better life when she came the United States, a life filled with opportunities. The apprenticeship program has not only helped her realize that dream, but also opened the door for bigger dreams as she thinks about what the future may hold.