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Michael Gaffney

Michael Gaffney

Name: Michael Gaffney
Residence: Thetford, VT
Employer: Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Current Role: Instructor, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Workforce Readiness Institute

Career Pathway

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Workforce Readiness Institute has provided Mike with the opportunity to grow from a licensed nursing assistant (LNA) to a medical assistant supervisor to an instructor. His journey is a great example of how hard work mixed with opportunity creates wins for both the employee and the organization. Mike joined Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) in 2003 and spent over 12 years caring for patients as a LNA. Prior to joining D-H he worked as an outdoor adventure instructor, a crisis intervention specialist and a UPS truck driver. He also volunteered for the Peace Corps and is the very proud father of four.

In 2014, when the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Workforce Readiness Institute and apprenticeship programs were launched, Mike's supervisors recognized something special in him and selected him to join the program as a teaching assistant with the intent of growing him into a medical assistant supervisor. To take this next step, Mike was required to complete his Medical Assistant (MA) certification while also helping to coach his MA program classmates. His past work experience coupled with his extensive clinical knowledge made it easy for the other apprentices to view and appreciate Mike as a leader in both the classroom and on the job.

Mike passed the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Apprenticeship Program and was promoted to medical assistant supervisor to oversee the work and training of five apprentices.

As the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Workforce Readiness Institute grew there was a need for additional instructors to support apprenticeship programs. Mike's natural ability to lead, guide and teach made him the ideal candidate for the instructor role. In April of 2015, Mike took another step forward in his career and accepted the Institutes' instructor role where he has helped to prepare medical assistants, pharmacy technicians and phlebotomists for their new careers.

Mike's pursuit of higher education and career progression continues and in November 2015 he begins the Master of Physician Assistant Studies at Franklin Pierce University. Congratulations Mike!