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Volunteer Programs and Opportunities

Areas of Service

Please note: Opportunities vary by site. Program descriptions are listed below by location where each volunteer program is available.

Available at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon

  • Chaplaincy
    Eucharistic ministers volunteer to deliver communion to inpatients. Learn more about our Chaplaincy Services. Periodic and Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
  • DHMC Arts
    Work with the Arts Program to plan events, install rotating art shows, create and provide "Art a la Carte" kits for patients, and update artists database. Periodic and Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
  • Distribution Stores
    Assist Distribution Stores Department with the delivery of supplies throughout DHMC. Periodic and Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
  • Emergency Department
    Support patients and their families in the Emergency Department though comfort measures, communication, and assistive tasks. Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
  • Entertainment/piano
    Competent musicians play the grand piano during the week for one-hour segments. If you play another instrument and would like to participate, contact DHMC Arts at (603) 650-6187 to discuss available opportunities. Periodic and Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
  • The Gift Shop
    • Buyer
      Order, price, unpack, and display merchandise. Assist with cash register and credit card machine. Serve on The Gift Shop committee. Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
    • Cashier
      Assist with cash and credit card sales, gift certificates and the flow of a busy shop. Present a professional business-like appearance and a welcoming, pleasant attitude to customers. Periodic and Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
      Learn more about the gift shop
  • Greeters, Escorts, and Concierge
    Healthcare access is one of the leading concerns of U.S. citizens, and is among the top concerns for NH and VT residents. With varying abilities and complex chronic conditions, we often find that the challenge to obtain safe and efficient healthcare access does not end at the door. Volunteers are greatly needed to help greet patients and families and assist them in their safe and timely arrival at appointments and procedures. The role entails frequent interaction with patients and guests. We warmly welcome those with hospitality interests and/or backgrounds to apply. Periodic and Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
  • Heater Road
    Greet patients and visitors as they arrive to Heater Rd. Provide wheelchair assistance as needed. Training in the safe use of wheelchairs is provided. Periodic and Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
  • High School Volunteers
    Opportunities vary by location. Please reach out to your location's volunteer contact to identify what opportunities are available for you.
  • Knitters
    Work from home to knit booties, hats, and sweaters for infants, and chemo hats for child and adult patients. Periodic and Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
  • Palliative Care
    Provide support and a listening ear to patients and their families facing a serious illness or injury as part of the Palliative Care Volunteer Program. Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
  • Patient and Family Advisors
    Overseen by the Office of Patient- and Family-Centered Care, Patient and Family Advisors (PFAs) are community members who have experienced the Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) health system as a patient, family member or loved one. PFA volunteers serve in a variety of settings to create an exceptional patient experience by providing direct input to influence D-H decisions, policies and practices. Regular Volunteering Opportunity. Available at Lebanon and Manchester.
  • Patient Support Corps
    Assist patients in the process of generating and organizing their questions, concerns, and health care goals prior to attending an appointment to help empower them to be active partners in their care. Accompany patients to appointments to take notes and audio-record the visit to help with information recall. Training is provided by the Center for Shared Decision Making. Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
  • Play Pals for Addiction Treatment
    Volunteers play with infants and toddlers to aid parents in receiving uninterrupted treatment without distraction. Spaces are limited, nursing and/or childcare experience preferred. Regular Volunteering Opportunity. Available at the Addiction Treatment Program’s outpatient facility in West Lebanon, NH.
  • Pet Therapy/Hug a Hound
    Dogs and their handlers make scheduled visits to inpatient units and may also serve as greeters at designated D-H entrances. Learn more about the Hug a Hound program. Periodic and Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
  • Norris Cotton Cancer Center:
    • Cancer Center Chemotherapy Infusion Suite
      Provide companionship and serve lunch to patients receiving intravenous chemotherapy. Learn more about our Infusion services. Regular Volunteer Opportunity. Available at Lebanon.
    • Comfort Cart
      Volunteers push the Comfort Cart through the Cancer Center to distribute treats, visit with patients and their families, read to patients, or provide other help needed by patients and families. Regular & Seasonal Volunteering Opportunities. Available at Lebanon.
    • Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center
      Assist the Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center with Cancer Center fundraising events. Regular & Seasonal Volunteering Opportunities. Available at Lebanon.
    • Norris Cotton Cancer Center Support Group
      Co-facilitate support group which includes introducing speaker, fielding questions from participants, leading discussions, managing distractions, and maintaining comfort level in room for participants. Cancer support group experience required. Learn more about our Support Groups. Regular Volunteer Opportunity. Available at Lebanon.
    • Patient and Family Resource Library
      Volunteers help patients and families find resources of interest, enter new book titles into the library's database, and maintain organized bookshelves. Learn more about the Patient and Family Resource Library. Available at Lebanon.
    • Reiki
      Volunteers work under the supervision of the supportive services department in the Cancer Center. Volunteers must have a minimum of level-one training. Regular & Seasonal Volunteering Opportunities. Available at Lebanon.
  • Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock:
    • CHaD Family Center (Molly's Place)
      Help families and children in the CHaD Family Center by answering questions and finding information. Volunteers also assist with child care. Periodic and Regular Volunteer Opportunity. Available at Lebanon.
    • Child Life Program
      Child Life Program staff train volunteers to provide specific arts and crafts activities in inpatient pediatrics. Available at Lebanon.
    • CHaD Pencil Partners
      Volunteer tutors, under the supervision of the child life program will provide educational opportunities to hospitalized patients that coincide with their current academic demands, either in a small group setting or at the bedside. Must hold a bachelor's/master's degree & be a current or formerly certified teacher. Regular Volunteering Opportunity. Available at Lebanon.
    • Friends of CHaD
      Assist the Friends of CHaD with CHaD fundraising events. Periodic and Regular Volunteering Opportunity. Available at Lebanon.

Available at The Jack Byrne Center for Palliative & Hospice Care

  • Patient and Family Support Volunteers
    Comfort and support the patients and families at the Jack Byrne Center by providing companionship, community, and friendship in one-on-one and small group scenarios in patient rooms.
  • Comfort Therapy Volunteers
    Serve the patients and families of the Jack Byrne Center as Pet Therapy Volunteers, Reiki Volunteers, and Arts/Entertainment Volunteers. Each comfort therapy provides respite, relief, and joy to the patients and their families. The Jack Byrne Center hopes to make at least one of these programs available to patients and families each day. Periodic and Regular Volunteering Opportunity.
  • Family Kitchen Volunteers
    Help patients and their families find normalcy and comfort through the familiar activity of baking. Volunteers will bake each shift, encouraging those around them to join in the activity that families have enjoyed with one another for centuries.
  • Family Care Navigator Volunteers
    Volunteers ensure each patient, family, and guest of the Jack Byrne Center is greeted with empathy and kindness, and assists them in connecting with whatever resources best meet their need. Volunteers in this program round in the Jack Byrne Center's common/public spaces to ensure each individual is seen to and cared for.
  • Bereavement Volunteers
    Assist family members and loved ones of patients who have died by placing bereavement phone calls, addressing and mailing bereavement cards, and helping in the planning of triannual services of remembrance.

Want to Volunteer for an Event?

If you're interested in volunteering for an event such as The Prouty, or the CHaD Half Marathon, be sure to visit our Event Volunteers page.