For Supervisors

Our team is available to anyone responsible for supervising, managing, or leading at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center or Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics. Supervisors and managers are welcome to call or email us to discuss whether a referral to our services would be helpful. Supervisors and managers are encouraged to recommend Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to their staff, but cannot require staff to attend.

If you are referring someone to the EAP, please download and review the Supervisory Referral Form (DOC) and send it to us via email (, or interoffice mail. If you would prefer to talk through a stressful situation, please give us a call.

Telephone or virtual Vidyo appointments

Telephone or virtual Vidyo appointments can be arranged during daytime hours if staff are not able to get to our offices.

  • Appointments are generally scheduled for 1 hour, but we will work around the employee’s availability and can schedule shorter meetings.
  • If employees are calling from work, they will require a private space to make the call.

Note: EAP services are provided in confidence and we are not able to confirm whether or not an employee has contacted us unless they provide written authorization.

Manager and supervisor consultations

If you are a manager or supervisor looking for resources for your team or facing challenging staff issues, call us to schedule an appointment.

Critical incident debriefings

These debriefings can help staff process particularly difficult workplace events, for example, around the unexpected death of a colleague, or after particularly upsetting clinical events. These debriefings are designed to support staff with emotional processing, and they are distinct from root cause analyses, or operational debriefings, which may also be appropriate.

Team consultations and presentations

We can provide team consultations and presentations on stress management and other mental health topics.