Exercise and Movement

Including enjoyable, regular exercise in your life can have multiple positive effects on your health and well-being. Setting achievable goals for yourself, tracking your activity and progress, and celebrating your successes can help you stay motivated.

Fitness opportunities

At Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) and Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics, you have access to several resources to support your healthy, active lifestyle, including onsite fitness (some locations), a fitness reimbursement program for employees on the Health Plan, corporate fitness discounts at various local facilities, and health coaching.

For the most current fitness opportunity information, contact lifestyleimprovement@hitchcock.org.

Onsite fitness rooms

Several of our locations in Lebanon, New Hampshire, offer free, onsite fitness rooms for employee use. To use a fitness room, download and fill out the appropriate pages in the Fitness Room forms and then submit the completed forms to lifestyleimprovement@hitchcock.org for processing. Employee ID badge access to fitness rooms will be given based on your primary work location.

Download the Fitness Room forms (PDF).

Medical plan fitness benefit

Save money with your medical plan’s fitness benefit. Dartmouth Health offers a fitness reimbursement for staff on the medical plan. You can receive up to $200 per calendar year toward your qualified health club membership fees.

You're eligible for reimbursement if you:

  • Join a qualified health club or participate in fitness activities
  • Attend at least two sessions per week for 11 out of 13 consecutive weeks during the calendar year
  • Are a medical plan subscriber or dependent age 14 or older

Please note: The medical plan fitness benefit does not cover any aerobic/fitness activity fees paid to a non-qualified health club.

To submit for a fitness reimbursement, use the Dartmouth Health Fitness Reimbursement form on the Benefits portal.

What is a qualified health club?

Qualified health clubs include those that have a variety of cardiovascular and strength-training exercise equipment, such as:

  • Traditional health clubs and YMCAs/YWCAs or Jewish Community Centers
  • Aerobic or pool-only facilities
  • Virtual wellness apps for exercising and improving physical fitness (for example, Peloton®, Beachbody®, etc.)
  • Fitness training like spinning, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, Zumba®, or CrossFit®
  • Activities such as indoor rock climbing, martial arts, gymnastics, or tennis
  • Fees for certified personal trainers

Corporate fitness discounts

Dartmouth Health employees can receive a discounted membership rate at these local organizations. To receive the discount, you must present your official Dartmouth Health badge.

  • CCBA, Lebanon, New Hampshire
  • Edgar May Health and Recreation Center, Springfield, Vermont
  • Upper Valley Aquatic Center, White River Junction, Vermont

On-demand fitness

Enjoy the on-demand fitness library brought to you by certified group fitness instructor and health and wellness coach Kara Maville. The library has an assortment of workout videos, exercise routines, stretches, and more to choose from. There is something for everyone! Visit ManageWell® to access these workouts and recordings.

Visit ManageWell to access these workouts and recordings.

Walking paths and trails

Many of our locations have beautiful grounds, and some include outdoor walking paths.

Trail access at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

At Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC), there is the Loop Trail, which circles around the buildings, the Fit-Trail™, which guides you through exercises along the way, and the Albert Schweitzer Trails, a set of 3 smaller trails that take you through the woods on the campus. There are several routes inside DHMC that you can use for walking and movement as well.


The outdoor Fit-Trail at DHMC is an approximately 1-mile trail that guides you through stretching and warm-up, core exercises, lower and upper body strength, and cool down. Fully illustrated instructions are posted at each of the exercise stations. Whether you choose to walk leisurely along the trail while doing a few stretches or jog the trail and complete the more advanced exercises, the key is to make the Fit-Trail work for you. Keep in mind the trail is not maintained during the winter months.

Visit ManageWell® for more information about the Fit-Trail and earn points each time you use the trail. Pick up a trail map when you are on campus near the Main Rotunda.

Note: Only stops 1 to 9 are available during the construction of the Patient Pavilion.

Albert Schweitzer Trails

The Albert Schweitzer Woods Trails at DHMC were created from 1999 to 2000 through an American Schweitzer Fellowship grant. Volunteers from New Hampshire and Vermont helped design and build the trail system that takes you through the woods on the DHMC campus.

The trails provide visitors and staff at DHMC access to the natural beauty of New Hampshire’s forests. Visit ManageWell® to download the Schweitzer trail map or pick one up at DHMC near the Main Rotunda.

Other outdoor recreation options

Vermont and New Hampshire provide many opportunities to be active outside. The area—which provides access to the Appalachian Trail, the Long Trail, the White Mountains, the Green Mountains, the Connecticut River, and many other rivers and lakes—is renowned for its skiing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and other recreational activities. The Upper Valley Trails Alliance and Trail Finder are great tools that link you to outdoor trails and events in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock employees hiking Mt. Cardigan
Cardiology staff hiking Mt. Cardigan